Tiggit Software is a BlackBerry Alliance Partner.

AKO Users can find out more about using Tiggit Mail with AKO here.

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Tiggit Software

Tiggit Software makes smart phone and smart watch software. We make tools for email, and we make remote controllers for music systems.

Tiggit Controller

Tiggit Controller is a remote control for music systems, that runs on the BlackBerry SmartPhone. It works with the Sonos music system, iTunes, SongBird and other DAAP music systems.

Tiggit Controller for Sonos

Tiggit Controller for iTunes and SongBird


Kronos is a remote control for the Sonos Music System that runs on the Pebble Smart Watch. It works by connecting the Smart Watch to the Sonos system through an iPhone or Android phone.

Pocket PEC

The Italian Government has introduced a secure email service for all communications with National and Local Government. Pocket PEC provides access to this service from the BlackBerry Smart Phone and Android devices.